Saturday, September 12, 2009

What do you expect?

I had a dream last night. Not like martin but like asleep. I dreamt that I was at a quaint outdoor meal in a secluded private garden hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce. It was a small gathering with only a few other insignificant guests including myself. I'm sure that we were all eating and chatting but my memory is foggy. What I do remember is that at one point Gucci Mane showed up to join us. Not too long after I ended up walking with Gucci Mane back to Jay-Z's house. We passed a Taco Bell so we hopped the fence and then Gucci decided to steal some food that one dude was eating. I tried to tell Gucci that there were leftovers back at Jay and Beyonce's and that almost made him reconsider but he was already committed to stealing this guys shit. So then the dude got angry and Gucci punked the shit out of him and kept the Taco Bell. The night before I dreamt that I was back at home in Portland and for some reason we had acquired a bald eagle as a pet. It was super bad ass but then we were afraid that it was either going to hurt us or eat our cat. We also had a tiny lion cub that was fucking with our house cat and our dog. So the entire dream was trying to control these wild animals and keep but from killing our old pets. But its not like we were going to get rid of a lion and a bald eagle. Throughout the dream the lion became nearly full grown with a mane and while it was still friendly to us we had to be careful and decide when we had to get rid of this predator that's chillin in our small house.

I'm almost embarrassed to talk about these dreams because they seem somewhat contrived and not very inventive or extremely bizarre. I do this because they really happened, so when you read this blog and see an excess of gangsta rap and wild animal admiration, just know that this is all I got. I wish I had more for you. Shit.

- J-Hole

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