Friday, February 11, 2011


Granted I'm incredibly hung over and have been listening to the unabridged Dracula audio book so I'm obviously in a very emotionally vulnerable sate but I just lost my shit and nearly cried at work when I started listening to David Bowie!

That bro RULES!

No homo I'd def switch teams for Ziggy. Too bad he'd rather bone Iman.

Here's the plan though. For reals can we start a Bowie cover band? We could all take turns being Bowie the songs rule the costumes rock and it would be so much fun! Not even kidding. Honestly I wish I was.

Are you seriously gonna try and tell me this wouldn't be the best cover band in the world? Would you NOT pay to see this?

Come on bros! Lets do this! Also any other bros or brodettes are welcome to join

- J-Hole

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