Saturday, September 29, 2012

Costume Season

It's almost October, which means it's time to start figuring out Halloween costumes!!! Some ideas I've been kicking around:

Option 1: Michael Jordan's pants in this photo!
Maybe it's a little specific, but it'd be awesome if I could pull it off. Plus I feel like chicks would really dig it!

Option #2: Scary, bloody Andre The Giant!
I'm physically all wrong for this one, but how terrifying is this photo? People need to go back to dressing up all dark and scary. 

 Option #3: K-Fed!!!
Remember when we all used to talk and joke about Kevin Federline? I miss those days. Let's bring it back! That guys is so cool! Also, if any ladies want to partner costume and go as pre-meltdown Britney hit me up!


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